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What resources can graduate students access while studying at UC Merced?  This list contains references to many departments and services supporting all members of the campus community, including graduate students, to boost productivity and well-being for all.  UC Merced has a great network to address many of the needs students have.  We all need help sometimes, so don't be afraid to ask!

Campus Resources


Housing Options

Available options for graduate students to find on-campus housing

Promoting Research

Learn about resources that can assist you in your research progress.

International Affairs

Transitioning to UC Merced, handling visa statuses, and other important information for international students.

Diversity Resources

Information on critical resources that strive for diverse and inclusive university enterprises.

Food Security

Learn where you can get fresh, local produce and supplies in the area.


Ways of getting to and from campus, and where you can park your vehicle

Undocumented Office

Academic, legal, financial and community support for undocumented students at UC Merced.

The GradPad (SSB 350)

A neat space for graduate students to work and relax, and also home of the GSA office.

Conflict Resolution

Learn about departments on campus that help resolve business and/or personal issues.

Health Resources

Need to talk to someone, not feeling well, or want to learn about insurance as a UC Merced student?

Career Resources

In the middle of a job search, or currently in a job?  Here are some resources to assist you in your efforts.

Graduate Cultural Resource Center (GCRC) (COB2-190)

A space for graduate and professional students across various intersectional identities.


Other Resources


GlobalProtect VPN

Students, faculty, and staff working off campus must use a VPN to log into the campus network to access resources provided through UC Merced.

Room Reservations

Are you looking for a space on campus to host an upcoming study session, lab meeting, social event, or even your qualifying exam or defense?

LinkedIn Learning

Campus employees have access to professional development content provided by Linkedin.  Enter in the field and log in with your UCMnet ID.

UC Learning Center

Employees of the UC system will be required to complete a series of courses to maintain employment.  They can access these courses here.

Create your own Website

All members of the UC Merced community can create their online portfolio through Portfolium using CatCourses.  Learn how to get started.

The New York Times

UC Merced patrons now have subscriber-level access to the New York Times.  To learn how to access NYT content as a campus affiliate, head to the UCM Libguides.

Software for UC Merced

The Office of Information Technology has a list of free or discounted software that members of the UC Merced community use for daily work activities.

Flipster Digital Magazines

UC Merced students can log into the campus network to access digital magazines such as National Geographic, Wired, and health related magazines.

Graduate Policies

All graduate students at UC Merced must abide by the policies set by Graduate Division and their respective programs.  Learn more here.

Swank MP for UCM Students

A catalog of movies you can watch on your computer.  Provided by UC Merced Housing & Residence Life.  You must be logged in to the UC Merced network.

The Office of Information Technology (OIT)

The primary goal of the OIT office at UC Merced is to provide students, faculty, and staff at UC Merced with high quality infrastructure, support, and innovation in the delivery of information technology products and services. We believe that information technology should be an easily accessible and a continually improving resource, both robust in scope, and flexible enough to support the growing needs of the campus community.