GSO Fund

Graduate student organizations (GSO)s are the backbone of UC Merced's vibrant atmosphere. They allow for allow for collaboration among students, create opportunities for professional development, host important campus events, and contribute to diversity, equity and a positive climate on campus. The GSO fund is designed to fund these important campus entities, so they are successful in supporting their mission.

For 2017-18, we plan to allocate $3,000 to graduate student organizations (see budget). 

Want to recieve funds for your organization?  Please check out the GSO Fund Policy to see if your organization is elegible and how the process works. 

See below to register your organization as a official club:

Registered Graduate Student Clubs and Organizations
Please find information below regarding the requirements for registering Graduate Student Clubs or Organizations. 
Complete the Registration form via Catlife
 Please note that each club or organization needs the following:

o    a minimum of 4 members (President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary)
o    an advisor who is not a graduate student; However, the advisor can be faculty, staff, or a postdoc.
o    a Constitution and Bylaws; Samples are available in the Office of Student Life.
o    pay a $25 fee; This is a registration fee that allows clubs and organizations to table, use the poster room in OSL as well as additional supplies

 In addition to registering with Catlife, each club President is required to meet briefly with Jim Greenwood in OSL (30 minutes maximum).

Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact Cassie Gunter at or Jim Greenwood at