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GSO Fund

Graduate student organizations (GSO)s are the backbone of UC Merced's vibrant atmosphere. They allow for collaboration among students, create opportunities for professional development, host important campus events, and contribute to diversity, equity and a positive climate on campus. The GSO fund is designed to fund these important campus entities, so they are successful in supporting their mission.

For Fall 2018, we allocated $1,000 to GSOs (see budget). The budget for Fall 2019 is in the process of being approved and will be available soon. 

Want to recieve funds for your organization?  Please check out the GSO Fund Policy to see if your organization is elegible and how the process works. 

Application Process:

Applications for GSO Fund will be open until Friday, October 18th, 2019 and should be submitted

Each application should address both funding needs and how said funds will benefit UC Merced and Merced at large. Please see the GSO Fund Policy for the grading rubic used to score applications.

Want to register your organization as an official club?  Click here to get started.