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UC Merced Committee Appointments

2018-2019 UC Merced Committees with Graduate Student Representatives


Committee Description Graduate Student Representative(s)

Graduate Council (GC)

GSA held

Position Available 

Committee on Academic Planning and Resource Allocation (CAPRA)

GSA held

Sona Garsevanyan



University of California Student Association (UCSA)

GSA held

Position Available 

Student Fees Advisory Committee (SFAC)

SFAC was created to advise the Executive Vice Chancellor and the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs with regard to the allocation of student services’ fees and other campus-based student fees. SFAC has the authority to review fee-supported budgets and programs/services and make recommendations as to changes and priorities for funding. SFAC meets once per month.

Shayna Bennett

Lauren Stark

Graduation Committee

Meets monthly starting in late-November to provide student feedback on Commencement during the planning process. Prefers a graduating student.

Position available

GSA Committee on Research

This GSA committee would act as an interface with the Office of Research and the Graduate Division Research Communication. The GSA committee works to provide an open forum for graduate students to voice issues related to research, and to develop a vibrant graduate student research community through the creation of graduate student oriented research events. The committee aims to promote interdisciplinary research through extramural research symposiums, collect and disperse graduate student achievements, and provide feedback for the planning and effectiveness of UC Merced Research Week. Meets once per month.

Position available 

GSA Social Life Committee

This committee would meet once per month to plan social and volunteer events for graduate students in coordination with the GSA Community Outreach/Public Relations Officer.

Position available 

Graduate Dean's Advisory Council on Diversity (GDACD)

The Graduate Dean’s Advisory Council on Diversity (GDACD) is a council of graduate students dedicated to enhancing and strengthening a culture of open inquiry, pluralism, mutual respect, and engagement among and for graduate students through the work of the council itself and through active advisement to the Vice Provost and Dean of Graduate Education (VPGDE).

1+ Positions available 

Library and Scholarly Communications (LASC)

Makes recommendations on matters concerning the role of the university library in the acquisition, storage and provision of scholarly materials, as well as other resources for scholarly communication. These matters include, but are not restricted to, the formulation of university library policies, the management of the university library budget, the apportionment of related funds and the allocation of associated space. Meets once per month.

Position available 

Transportation and Parking Services Advisory Committee (TAPS)

Committee representatives must convey the priorities of graduate students for campus Parking and Transit issues. TAPS balances funding limitations with costs and prioritization of services. Meets once per month.

3 positions

Capital Physical Planning Committee (CPPC)

CPPC provides recommendations to the Chancellor with respect to the physical planning and capital development of the UC Merced campus. CPPC recommendations regarding campus development are made in the context of academic planning efforts and UC Merced's Long Range Development Plan. Meets once per month.

Position available

Student Health Care Advisory Committee (SHAC)

Meets once per month to discuss Student Health Care needs for the campus.

Position available 

University Hearing Board/Student Conduct Board

This Board hears academic and nonacademic student misconduct cases as organized by the Office of Judicial Affairs. Student representatives are integral to this Board so that case outcomes are not solely decided by Faculty and Staff. Conduct cases will be held as necessary.

Positions available

Chancellor's Advisory Council on Sustainability

Promotes environmental stewardship and development that is based on ecological principles at the University of California, Merced. The committee now includes social and economic sustainability, in addition to environmental sustainability in its domain. Meets once per month.

2 positions available

Chancellor's Advisory Committee on the Status of Women (CACSW)

The committee is dedicated to improving gender equity at UC Merced. The charge of the committee is to identify and analyze issues relating to the status of women at UC Merced, including faculty, staff, post-docs, and students, to inform and educate the campus community about conditions that affect the status of women within the university, and to advise and make recommendations to the Chancellor regarding policies and procedures that would improve conditions for women. Meets once per month.

Position available

Chancellor's Advisory Committee on Queer Issues (CACQI)

The Chancellor’s Advisory Committee on Queer Issues (CACQI) identifies issues and makes recommendations for the inclusion and advancement of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersex, asexual and allies (LGBTQ2IA2) communities at UC Merced. With our continued growth, we will adopt action plans to ensure forward movement in creating a welcoming, affirming, equitable and vibrant learning, working and living environment for all UC Merced community members. Meets once per month.

Position available

Chancellor's Advisory Council on Campus Climate, Culture and Inclusion (CCCI)

To provide ongoing evaluation of campus climate conditions, practices and policies; suggest measures that will support the goals of inclusion and community, especially including measures reflecting promising practices from elsewhere in UC and the nation; coordinate its analyses, recommendations and other work with related work of any entities created by faculty, staff, students, or neighboring communities; and fulfill other campus-specific responsibilities identified by the Chancellor. Meets once per month.

GSA Climate, Diversity, and Equity Officer, additional position available 

CARE Advisory Board

The Campus Advocacy Resources and Education (CARE) Advisory Board, also known as the Coordinated Community Response Team (CCRT), reviews, innovates and implements education, services, policies, outreach, and primary prevention strategies and protocols for sexual violence, domestic and dating violence, and stalking in the UC Merced community. Meets once per month.

Joshua Semerjian, Alexandria Pabst

Graduate and Research Orientation Week (GROW) Committee

Graduate and Research Orientation Week (GROW) is a one week period of activities and programs held at the beginning of each academic year to provide incoming graduate students with an opportunity to take care of important pre-enrollment tasks and to learn about UC Merced and the Merced community. Meets as necessary.

2 positions available

UC Merced Research Week Committee

Research Week is a once-a-year campus event that highlights the significant research and scholarship taking place at UC Merced. It is an opportunity for the campus community and the general public to be introduced to the many innovative projects underway at the University. Meets as necessary.

Jacqueline Shay

Institutional Review Board (IRB)

All human subject research, and all other activities, which in part involve human subject research, regardless of sponsorship, must be reviewed and approved by the UC Merced IRB, or registered exempt by the Office of Research IRB Administration prior to initiation. Meets as necessary.

Position available 

Basic Needs Security Workgroup

In a partnership with the USDA, The United Way, and the Merced Food Bank, UC Merced offers a monthly food assistance program to all UC Merced students, faculty, and staff members who have a need for additional assistance. This committee advises the UC Merced Food Pantry Board of Directors, as well as dealing with basic needs issues, such as food and housing security. Meets once per month.

2 positions available 

Early Childhood Education Care Center Committee (ECEC)

Makes recommendations regarding the program, services, functions, and other child care issues. This committee will provide technical expertise necessary to address issues regarding the quality, affordability, and accessibility of child care at UC Merced. Meets once per month.

Position available

Athletics Advisory Board

Serves in an advisory capacity to the Director of Campus Recreation on policies for the Recreation program, facility use issues, and serve as an appeal board for discipline issues within the program. Meets once per month.

Position available

WASC Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC) [formerly WASC] Steering Committee for Reaffirmation of Accreditation

Provides feedback for the upcoming WASC Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC) [formerly WASC] Steering Committee for Reaffirmation of Accreditation for UC Merced. Meets once per month or less.

2 positions available

Office of Research Poster Competition judges

Graduate students are needed to help judge the annual Office of Research Poster Competition. 6 positions available (2 representatives from each school preferred)

Police Advisory Board

Graduate students are needed to fill positions on this advisory board 2 positions available
Student Fee Referenda Committee The GSA is working on codifying this process. Phoebe Coy