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Constitution & Bylaws

Updates: The Delegate Assembly has completed its review of the new GSA Bylaws on April 20th, 2021 and has voted to approve the remainder of the bylaws under consideration.  As such, all bylaws from Fall 2020 and prior have now been replaced with the new Spring 2021 versions posted here.

Current Constitution and Bylaws:

Spring 2021 UCM GSA Constitution

Spring 2021 UCM GSA By-Laws


Previous Constitutions and Bylaws:

Fall 2020 UCM GSA Constitution

Fall 2020 UCM GSA By-Laws

Fall 2020 Delegate Assembly By-Laws

2020 UCM GSA By-Laws

2019 UCM GSA Constitution

2018 Delegate Assembly By-Laws

2019 UCM GSA By-Laws

2016 UCM GSA By-Laws

2016 UCM GSA Constitution

2011 UCM GSA By-Laws

2005 UCM GSA By-Laws

2005 UCM GSA Constitution