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Career and Job Resources

Are you looking for a job after graduation, such as a post-doc or teaching position?  Are you looking for an internship over the summer?  Do you want to learn how to be a better teaching assistant?  If your answer is yes to any any of these, then you should know about some resources that will be a big help in your future endeavors.

What if you're looking for information about your current job as a teaching assistant or student researcher as a current graduate student?  There are departments on campus that can assist you!


Looking for a job? 

Center for Career and Professional Advancement (CCPA)

This is the primary resource for learning about internships, information sessions, and talking with career specialists.


On July 1st, 2019, UC Merced partnered with the career management service Handshake, which has replaced the former manager CATLink.  Using this service, you can build your own professional profile tha connects you to the industries that you seek.  Use this to find internships and jobs, connect with employers, and discover your future career.  Employers use this service to communicate with job seekers and post about openings in their companies.

Handshake is also the new hub for on-campus employer visits and other career center events at UC Merced.  All events organized by the Center for Career and Professional Advancement (CCPA) will be advertised through Handshake.

Students and Alumni can sign up for this service through  You may need you UC Merced login credentials to be added to the network.

For mobile users, get the Handshake app: (Google Play)  (App Store)



CCPA has recently provided a system that will allow you to practice for your upcoming job interviews.  Learn more about StandOut here.


Professional Clothing Closet

Due to COVID restrictions the Professional Clothing Closet is closed until further notice.  Information about this service can be found here.


Center for Engaged Teaching & Learning (CETL) 

Logo of CETL at UC Merced

For graduate students who are TAs for the semester, CETL can help you!  If you are a new TA interested in learning how to improve your experience and develop new strategies for teaching, be sure to read through these resources.  You can ask for individual consultations with CETL staff members for information regarding TAships, student evaluations, SATAL services, and other classroom practices.


Questions about your current position?

UC Merced Ergonomics Program (ErgoCat)

The UC Merced Office of Environmental Health & Safety has implemented an online assessment/training tool called Ergonomic Computer Assisted Training, or ErgoCat. ErgoCat's goal is to prevent repetitive motion injuries associated with ergonomic risks of computer use and conserve human and fiscal resources.

EH&S can also offer help to people working in labs or at other jobs requiring lifting or other strenuous tasks. If you are an employee, use this form to request an Ergonomic Evaluation:

For more information about ErgoCat or the Ergonomics Program, contact us at or call 209-228-3347.


Student Accessibility Services

The mission of Student Accessibility Services (SAS) is to promote equal educational access and full participation by and for students with disabilities in the rich academic and campus life environment at UC Merced.

Click here to learn about the services offered for students.