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Become a Delegate

The GSA Delegate Assembly serves as an official forum to discuss campus and graduate student matters, as a governing body of the GSA. Every graduate group is allowed to be represented on the Delegate Assembly. The Delegate Assembly holds meetings at least once every other month.  Become a Delegate today and represent your graduate group for the academic year.

See the current Delegate Directory.

Delegate Assembly Appointments (via the GSA By-Laws):

  • Each graduate or professional group at UC Merced is represented by one delegate for every 50 students or major fraction thereof enrolled.
  • The GSA Elections Commission will conduct an election within each graduate or professional group to elect Delegate Assembly representatives.

Responsibilities of Delegates in the Delegate Assembly:

  • To serve as the liaison between the Association and their respective graduate group.
  • To regularly attend Delegate Assembly meetings and provide updates on the status of their graduate group.
  • To serve on committees in GSA or the greater university where graduate student representation is required or recommended.
  • To approve the initial and subsequent changes to the annual GSA budget as prepared by the Treasurer of the Executive Council.
  • To conduct a review of and amend the Association's By-Laws.
  • May appoint Alternate Delegates when unable to perform their duties or attend meetings.
  • May propose additional responsibilities of the Delegate Assembly as needed.

*Please refer to the GSA Constitution and By-Laws for complete, official duties and responsibilities.

For questions, please email the GSA Internal Vice President at