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Become a Delegate

The GSA Delegate Assembly serves as an official forum to discuss campus and graduate student matters, as a governing body of the GSA. Every graduate group is allowed one voting Delegate to serve on the Delegate Assembly. The D.A. holds meetings at least once every other month. Become a Delegate today and represent your graduate group.

See the current Delegate Directory.

Delegate Assembly Appointments (via Article VI, Section 4 of the GSA By-Laws):

  • Is your graduate group an officially registered graduate student club with the university? If so, the authority to elect a D.A. representative rests within the By-Laws of that Club. If no such By-Laws are present, an official graduate student club may be registered with the university. Upon certification by the Graduate Group Chair that this club is aligned with the interests of the group's students, this graduate student club gains the selection authority.
  • If the first point does not apply, the GSA Elections Commission will conduct an election with the graduate students from that graduate group to elect a D.A. representative.

Responsibilities of Delegates in the Delegate Assembly:

  • To serve as the liaison between the Association and their respective graduate group.
  • To regularly attend D.A. meetings and provide updates on the status of their graduate group.
  • To approve the initial and subsequent changes to the annual GSA budget as prepared by the Treasurer of the Executive Council
  • To reserve the right to review and veto any actions taken by the Executive Council
  • To conduct a review of and amend the Association's By-Laws by a favorable majority vote of the D.A.
  • May appoint Alternate Delegates when unable to perform their duties or attend meetings.
  • May propose additional responsibilities of the D.A. as needed with the approval of the D.A.

*Please refer to the GSA Constitution and By-Laws for complete, official duties and responsibilities.

For questions, please email the GSA Internal Vice President at