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Voting Results

GSA Elections Results, Spring 2024

Specific details of the GSA elections results are sent via email to graduate and professional students, as outlined per the GSA Constitution and Bylaws.


GSA Executive Council, 2024-2025

President (vacant)
Internal Vice President Rachel Casper
External Vice President Mohit Saraswat
Legislative Affairs Officer Andrew Martin
Academic Affairs Officer Genevieve Egbunno
Internal Communications Officer (vacant)
Treasurer (vacant)
Public Relations / Community Outreach Officer Kunle Adewole
International Affairs Officer Omowumi Omole
Climate, Diversity, and Equity Officer Leo Niehorster-Cook
Solidarity Officer Claudia Johnson Madrigal
Undocumented Affairs Officer Jai Mica Vaca
Social Media & Graphics Design Officer Elsie Cortes


GSA Delegate Assembly, 2024-2025

Applied Mathematics Moitrish Majumdar
Bioengineering (1 vacant)
Chemistry and Biochemistry Abigail Gyamfi,
Katherina Martinez
Cognitive and Information Sciences Tony Shan
Economics Zhangping Cai
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Qhelile Sibanda,
(+1 vacant)
Environmental Systems Zachary Malone,
Anna Jurusik
Interdisciplinary Humanities Joy Omeiza
Management of Complex Systems Ngqabutho Moyo
Materials and Biomaterials Science and Engineering DaYeon Lee
Mechanical Engineering Michael Difrieri,
(+1 vacant)
Physics Shivam Kamboj,
Maria Perez Mendoza
Political Science (1 vacant)
Psychological Sciences Anna-Celine Guilas
Public Health Sarina Rodriguez
Quantitative and Systems Biology (3 vacant)
Sociology Hunter Prout


Constitutional Amendments and Referenda

  • (PASSED) Amendment 1: Delegate Assembly Duties
  • (PASSED) Amendment 2: Executive Council Duties
  • (PASSED) Amendment 3: Shared Meeting Timeline
  • (PASSED) Amendment 4: Future Amendment Execptions + Precedence
  • (FAILED*) Increase to Graduate Student Association Fee
    *126 votes cast, minimum voting pool of 20% not attained