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About UCM GSA: Purpose & Mission

The GSA is the official student government of the graduate student population at UC Merced and serves as the official liaison between graduate students and campus administration.  We are dedicated to serving the needs of the graduate and professional student population, and to serve as a resource to help you navigate your way through your time at UC Merced. 

Who is part of the GSA?

The executive council comprises of graduate students working with various departments on campus to make sure that the graduate student population is well-represented in campus policymaking decisions.  The delegate assembly comprises of representatives from all graduate programs at UC Merced to ensure that issues in individual graduate programs are equally spotlighted and addressed.  The students that both of these branches serve are part of the general membership.  They communicate issues that arise to each of our graduate student officers and representatives and can propose legislation that can be used to improve graduate student life.  In other words, all graduate students enrolled at UC Merced are members of the GSA.

Who are the officers in the GSA?

The Graduate Student Association is served by eleven elected officers. Elections for officer positions are held in April to serve the following academic year.

Current Executive Officers

Past Executive Officers

The Graduate Student Association appoints one graduate student from each graduate department at UC Merced to serve as a representative for the other students in their department.  Elections for delegate positions are held in April to serve the following academic year.

Current Delegates

What do we do?

Like other campus organizations, we operate under a system of rules and regulations as outlined in our constitution & bylaws.  Officers and delegates of the GSA have meetings on a regular basis to discuss and take action on issues pertaining to graduate students.  As a public organization, transparency is essential.  As such, we hold meetings that anyone in the general membership can attend, and publish the outcomes of these meetings on our website.  These meeting notes can be found here.

If there are items that you would like to be placed on one of our upcoming meeting agendas, please fill out the agenda item request form and we will get back to you as soon as we can.