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Graduate Student Association Elections

You can see the candidates up for election in Spring 2022 on the respective pages for GSA Executive Council Candidates and GSA Delegate Assembly Candidates.

UC Merced Graduate Student Association Election Criterion and Timeline


Statement of decorum
As future faculty and professionals, we are setting an example to our student body and thus need to be democratic about this process.


Expectations of nominees and affiliates
No one should feel unsafe to nominate, run, or vote for the candidate of their choice. Peers are allowed to endorse nominees. However, the spread of rumors and/or shaming of any nominee or affiliate is unacceptable and will be reprimanded. Monetary approaches to nominee endorsement or campaigning are also prohibited.

Nominees must be currently enrolled as a full-time student at UC Merced this semester in order to run, and a plurality is needed to be elected. Nominees must declare potential conflicts of interest with other nominees (i.e. relatedness, significant others, and/or being a part of the same research group). If there is a tie, the current Executive Council and Delegate Assembly will vote on a candidate with two-thirds majority needed for election. A student can only hold one role and will need to choose if elected for two or more roles.

Please forward violations of these election criterion to Grad Division at or

If you feel harassed or targeted, please contact the UC Merced Ombuds Office 209-228-4410.


Election Timeline (tentative)