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Promoting Research

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Excellence in cutting-edge research is one of the missions of UC Merced.  Students, faculty, and staff are expected to support each other in any way they can so that we as a campus can continue to promote the expansion of knowledge.  In this page, we list a few programs and services that are tantamount for fulfilling the mission of research at UC Merced.


UC Merced Library

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The University library offers special services for graduate students and researchers of all kinds alike.  You can schedule a research consultation with a librarian, get assistance with Geographic Information Systems (GIS), meet scholarly publishing and copyright experts for research journals, and several other services.  A graduate student guide to different library services can also be found here.

There are also a wide variety of workshops provided, where some are meant for teaching data carpentry skills or learning use citation managers.  See the calendar of events here.

Wondering how to format the results from your research into one coherent dissertation?  See the guidelines provided by the Graduate Division.  Moreover, if you are looking for faster ways to manage the references and citations in your dissertation, note that there are a couple citation managers you can consider.  One of these managers, RefWorks by ProQuest, is free to UC Merced students.  You just need you university login and to create a profile if you're a first-time user.

For access to a database of books, papers, and digital media for your research, head to the UC Merced Library.


Office of Research and Economic Development (ORED)

The Office of Research and Economic Development (ORED) provides leadership, education and oversight to support scholarly investigation and research at UC Merced.  Among its components is the Sponsored Projects Office, which strives to promote successful partnerships and deliver professional services to the research community.  At the core of ORED are several research facilities such as the Imaging & Microscopy Facility and the Stem Cell Instrumentation Foundry.  Click here to learn more about these core facilities.

ORED is also in charge of organizing the annual Research Week.  Click here to learn more about this year's event.


Research Development Services

Research Development Services provides expert grantsmanship advice and support to faculty in their pursuit of extramural funding. They work with investigators to identify targeted grant opportunities that lead towards the development of competitive research proposals.  They also offer training, workshops, individual and team consultations, and related services which strengthen both proposal and career development as well as hone integral collaboration skills.


Graduate Programs

Every graduate program has a plethora of cutting-edge, interdisciplinary, and innovative projects that contribute to the overall mission of UC Merced.  To learn more about what each program is doing, check out the graduate group directory.

Please read the UC Merced Mentoring Guidelines for information on the roles of graduate students and faculty in fostering success for all.  Also, read the UC Merced Graduate Students' Rights and Responsibilities that students have as an additional support system.


Did you find any research assistance resources on campus that are not mentioned here?  Please let us know by using this form.