GSA Delegate Assembly Candidates

Below you will find the candidates running for the Delegate Assembly in GSA.

The election for the new GSA leadership has begun! You can get to the online ballot at this link: (If you have not logged into CatLife before, you will be first prompted to activate your account).

Name Position Personal Statement
Dylan Moses Political Science I am the best candidate because no one else will volunteer. I plan on encouraging the adoption of practical and sensible policy regarding Grad Students at UC Merced. 
Geraldy Eisman Psychological Sciences Recently, in my role as the Psychological Sciences graduate group Delegate I have acquired new insights about the Delegate Assembly and would like to continue using this knowledge and skillset to serve the Psychological Sciences graduate student body. If elected as the representative, I would ensure that our students’ concerns, opinions, needs and wants are well represented.
Brandon Batzloff Cognitive & Information Sciences Up to this point, my work on the campus has mostly been with undergraduates, encouraging them to become involved on campus and in the larger Merced community.  I would like to transfer that effort to assisting CIS graduate students in being a part of the campus community.

Joshua Semerjian

Interdisciplinary Humanities

To be nominated as your delegate for the Interdisciplinary Humanities Graduate Group unites my experiences with my research interests in participatory parity. By accepting, I promise accountability as well as seek your guidance if I am elected. To articulate my role at this point would be glib, for my goals are your goals. As a collective – of scholars, professionals, and future colleagues – I want to hear and share your ideas. With that in mind, I am running for delegate representative on a platform of collaboration, consistency, and continuity. Through our collaborations, I seek to create a consistent framework and timeline for addressing concerns, disseminating outcomes, and celebrating achievements. I foresee an IHGG where all are heard with open minds and open hearts as we work to sustain our vital community. I stand that no person be silenced and no positions hold priority over others. This is my ethics of hope and my care for IHGG.
Sara Fleszar Psychological Sciences

My name is Sara Fleszar, and I am a first-year doctoral student in the Health Psychology program. It would be an honor to be elected as your Delegate for the Psychological Sciences Graduate Group.

I will work to be an effective liaison between the psychological sciences’ graduate students and the broader General Assembly and GSA. During monthly meetings, I aim to report the needs and issues facing us as graduate students. In turn, I will update you on all GSA legislation and actions as well as solicit your feedback on new legislation and bring your questions and concerns to the GSA.

I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to serve as your Delegate and continue the tradition of making the GSA an organization that is attuned to student’s needs and experiences.

Danielle Bermudez Interdisciplinary Humanities (Alternate Only) Being inspired by students' dedication to supporting equity in public higher education and social justice activism at UC, I became involved with GSA as the Academic Affairs Officer and later the External Vice President. I have broad experience with local and system-wide advocacy, including as an Organizing Director for my campus, and Graduate and Professional Committee Chair through the UC Student Association. As an *Alternate* Delegate for my program, I will be firmly dedicated to ensuring that the needs for IH students are well-represented when I am asked to attend meetings. This is why I ask for your vote/support as *Alternate* Delegate, as I am in full support of Josh as our main IH Delegate. Thank you.