Student Fees Explained

Every semester many of you pay $318.50 in campus-based fees. Maybe you have some questions. Let's break it down.


What are campus-based fees?

Campus-based fees vary by UC campus and are implemented to support student government, construction/renovation of student buildings, and supplemental funding for student services. For more information, click here.


Where does this money go to?

The Student Fee Advisory Committee breaks it down here. But briefly, these fees on our campus support the Recreation Center (including space for health, wellness, and CAPS), TAPS, Early Chlidhood Education Center, and Health Services.


Do I have a say in how these fees are spent?

Somewhat. The Student Fee Advisory Committee (SFAC) makes reccommendations for student services fee allocation, however, only retains oversight over campus-based fees. The GSA tresurer is a representative on this committee, but we are also allowed two graduate student representatives at-large, so consider joining today! We also have representation on the TAPS Advisory Committee, Early Childhood Education Center Advisory Council, and the Student Health Care Avisory Committee. So in essence, yes, you do have a voice, we just need to fill our committees.