GSA Delegate Assembly Elections Candidates

Voting will go live at 10am on 4/24 at this link:
Below you will find the list of candidates for the GSA Delegate Assembly Election. The election will take place from 10am on 4/24 through 12pm on 4/26.


Delegate Position

Candiate Statement

Pablo Contreras Cognitive and Information Sciences I was a student organizer back in Chile, and acquired a lot of experience in trying to make the problems and opinions of grad students relevant in the decisions of all sorts of authorities. I'd like to put that experience to good use here, getting us organized to some degree of coherence, and addressing the problems that we've separately voiced in the past. It would be cool too to make our relationship with other, wider organizations like the GSA and the UAW, more regular than what they seem right now
Rhondene Wint Quantitative and Systems Biology
As the delegate for the department of Quantitative and Systems Biology(QSB) to the UC Merced Graduate Students' Associate (GSA) ,  I endeavour to serve the QSB department with the utmost integrity and integtiy, ensuring that the voice of the QSB is represented with clarity and consistency at GSA meetings and events. As delegate, I also serve a liason, clearly and promptly providing two-way communication of  issues, needs and contributions, etc between the GSA and QSB. 
   Quality Preparation for Quality Service
Manuel Cornejo Quantitative and Systems Biology As a second year QSB grad student, and current member of the Migrant Education Program for Enrichment in Science and Technology at UCM, I consider this nomination as an opportunity to liaison the communication between the GSA and QSB. Also, to ensure that the needs of the QSB program as a whole are considered and taken into account, in cooperation with the rest of the programs that are part of the GSA. If I am elected for this position, I promise to work in collaboration with my peers, those who I know -and those who I am yet to know- in order to look for solutions for any issue that arises and that our voice as a graduate community be heard.
Joshua Semerjian Interdisciplinary Humanities
To be nominated as your delegate for the Interdisciplinary Humanities Graduate Group unites my experiences with my research interests in participatory parity. By accepting, I promise accountability as well as seek your guidance if I am elected. To articulate my role at this point would be glib, for my goals are your goals. As a collective – of scholars, professionals, and future colleagues – I want to hear and share your ideas. With that in mind, I am running for delegate representative on a platform of collaboration, consistency, and continuity. Through our collaborations, I seek to create a consistent framework and timeline for addressing concerns, disseminating outcomes, and celebrating achievements. I foresee an IHGG where all are heard with open minds and open hearts as we work to sustain our vital community. I stand that no person be silenced and no positions hold priority over others. This is my ethics of hope and my care for IHGG.
Zahra Goliaei Social Sciences (Public Health)
Wrapping up the first semester as a public health graduate student, it was an honor for me to be part of the graduate student body at UC Merced. Getting to know everyone and making new friends through passing the days, added to this excitement and valuable experience.
Being a delegate in the graduate student body will be a chance for me to know graduate students from other departments, making connection with other thoughts, and moving forward. As a public health delegate, I will have a chance to represent my cohort and my friends. I will get to know previous cohorts, who have more experience and more to tell as public health bodies  and will give me an opportunity to ease the way for  incoming students.
It is a chance to think about needs of students not only in public health but also in progress of other majors.
Looking to this election is a way to contribute to our big, diverse community of graduate student body at UC Merced. We will keep supporting each other,  planning for future and moving forward,  to nourish UC Merced.
Michelle Yeung Sociology
I formerly served as the Legislative Director for the GSA External Vice President. In this role, I had the opportunity to learn about resources on other UC campuses, as well as, hear about the strategies and struggles graduate students face on other campuses. As the Delegate Representative for Sociology, I hope to represent Sociology graduate students by voicing our concerns to GSA and working with other disciplines to advocate for more resources and better support. I plan to bring the knowledge I learned as Legislative Director to suggest alternative strategies and solutions to meeting graduate student needs.
Johannes Brust Applied Mathematics
As a fourth year Applied Mathematics graduate student, I have had ample time to interact and get the members of our department to know. I have experience serving as a delegate, which I did in my first year of the graduate program. At the moment I also serve on an advisory committee to the graduate division and interact with some of our campus leaders.
Therefore, in the role of the applied math delegate, I intend to use my experiences and standing to represent the interests of the applied math graduate students.