GSA Elections

Voting will go live at 10am on 4/24 at this link:


Election Overview:
Nominations Open:  8am on the 4th of April
Nominations Close: 5pm on the 18th of April
Elections: the 24th of April at 10am to the 26th of April at 12pm.
Results Announced: 26th of April in the evening. 
Voting Process: You cast votes online via CatLife.
Voting Event: We will be hosting a voting event on campus on the 24th. 
                           Stay tuned for more info but there will be free food!
Elected executive board members will be officially inducted on the 28th by the Chancellor (attendance not mandatory but encouraged - watch out for emails!).
Nomination Process------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
In order to maintain the neutrality of our election process we have asked for assistance from Steve Lerer, Associate Director for Student Life. He will be managing the nomination and election process on our behalf.
GSA: Nominate yourself or colleagues (send nominations to from the 4th to 18th)
Delegate Assembly: Nominate yourself or people from your own graduate group (only!) (send nominations to  from the 4th to 18th)
GSA voting: either vote the names indicated, write-in a new name, or cast 'abstain' (note: an abstain vote will not be counted in the tally for the election). 
Delegate Assembly voting: indicate which graduate group you belong to, and follow instructions to either choose a nominated name, add a new name (write-in), or cast 'Abstain'. 
Votes will be tallied and the winner will be the one with a 50% + 1 vote. 
If no candidate receives a majority of votes the candidate with the most votes (plurality) will be recommended to the new Delegate Assembly for appointment by the sitting executive board.