Travel Awards F.A.Q.s

Can I use funds for research related travel?

No, these funds are designed to allow students to present their work at conferences.  They are not meant to support research activities.


My conference straddles one of the funding periods. Which should I apply in?

You can apply for whichever period your conference STARTS in. For example, your confernece dates are March 10-20. You can apply for either the Feb. 1st deadline.


I am presenting at a conference, but I am not the first author. Can I still apply?

As long as you are the presenting author and you contributed to the research (which you probably did assuming you are an author), you may still apply.


I am going to a conference, but I am not presenting. Can I still apply?

No, due to large demand, we only accept applications for those who are presenting.


I have partial funding for this conferece, can I still apply?

Yes, if your current funding does not fully cover the conference, the GSA Travel Award can be used as supplemental funding.


Why don't you have a competetive selection process?

UC Merced graduate students conduct research across multiple dicsiplines. It can be difficult for a small subset of us to determine who is the best applicant without a long and arduous selection process. In the past, GSA officers have also been accused of favoring their friends and collegues. Given our current resources, GSA is not in the position to fairly and effectively evaluate applications.


Why reimbursement? Why not an award up front?

There are 2 reasons we reimburse rather than award up front. The first is that awards are taxable, while reimbursments are not. The reimbursement process allows us to distribute more money to you. The second reason is that the reimbursment process allows us to moniter the use of funds, maling sure they are spent approrpriately.


How much can I be reimbursed?

$400 max.


How does this work?

Well, if you read the first page, you'd know we allocated 2 reimbursements to the 3 schools four times a year. Winners are chosen at random.


If you have more questions, please see our funding policy or email